The Safety of Our Employees Shall Not Be Compromised.

– Leslie Garber, Owner and Managing Director

To our Team, Clients, and Partners:

To say that ‘We strive to maintain a safe work environment’ or ‘safety is a goal we all share’ simply trivializes the concept entirely. Safety is not a goal nor should it ever be regarded as such; it is a concept we build, maintain, and constantly improve. At MCJ Construction, we regard safety a foundational belief that begins every project and goes home with us each day.

Our managers possess the training, experience, and authority to manage our projects safely. We always welcome input from our partners no matter their connection to the project. An open dialogue on safety is appreciated at MCJ Construction; the successful execution of our projects is built on this type of communication from pre-planning to project closeout. Our leaders are held accountable for the safety of our people and the operations under their oversight, but is a responsibility we all share every day.

If a situation arises that seems suspect or questionable, we hope that you will report your observations to us. When it comes to employee safety assumptions have no place on our project sites; this carries the potential compromise the safe execution of our work. So, do not hesitate to report your observations if a project condition seems questionable. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to working with you!

– Leslie Garber, Owner & Managing Director

Quality Control Program:

MCJ Construction utilizes a thorough management approach for planning, assessing, and implementing safety and quality protocol for it’s project to properly satisfy the quality objectives for each project. Our culture provides individuals with the understanding of quality workmanship and how their performance can impact project schedule, budget, and longevity. We clearly define quality objectives for each procedure on a respective project; this allows each team member to understand their importance and how their actions can impact the success of a project.

Our Quality Control Program (QCP) works to manage project goals by implementing Quality Control requirements for both on-site and off-site employees. This provides the framework for developing project specific QC goals; this also applies to work carried out by subcontractors, fabricators, and suppliers. Effective implementation of our QCP will assure that completed projects are done so within the provisions specified under the applicable regulations, contract documents/agreement, and scope of work. Generally, a QCP establishes the following:

  • QC organization, responsibilities, procedures, and authority
  • Qualifications and training
  • Project conditions
  • Records and documentation
  • Inspection and testing requirements
  • Identifying deficiencies and corrective actions
  • Continuous improvement

MCJ Construction
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